The Curve


I am writing this as part of weekly photo challenge: Curve . I have used a photo from the travel we made last year. This part of road is in a village of Switzerland, it is not straight but is slightly curved, suiting to make an almost 90 degree curve in few meters.

I am prepared to take a turn, as a slight curve often leads to greater curve. A curve is a preparation. I should slow down as it gets more curved, for the view of other side is blocked. A curve means slowing down. I wonder what it would be after we make the turn, will it be the destination of our travel or it reveals much more distance to be covered. A curve leads to revelation.

Contemplating the compulsory curves we have to take to reach the destination, I conclude it as part of life. At least I presume, the path of life is a curve because we should always be prepared for a change of direction, sometimes it demands a slow down to stay focused and last the best, as the journey continues it reveals its beauty. I love a curve, everything that leads to it , everything it leads me to.



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