Park – A Piece of Nature


Cities are bursting with technological developments and the innovations are just changing the face of place we live. Even the home where we live continue to pile up with advanced gadgets as time pass by. Do we have a moment to spare from all these hi-tech, to take a small walk in Nature; our ultimate home. Yes, it is possible, if we have a beautiful park in the vicinity.

To take a walk in the park after a tiring day of work at home is refreshing to both body and soul.  An accompanied walk with friend or partner will cool down our mind and put our body organs back to that proper working rhythm. I often find these random walks give birth to many fruitful talks. It is like Nature urge as to speak with our fellow beings just like those trees and birds(don’t you think those chirping are an unfathomable language)



Visiting a park all year means we are experiencing the seasons close at hand. With the spring comes the tender leaves and flowers. Bright hues of flowers in verdant park is a sight to behold .Also witness the arrival of some migratory birds and count the little ones of some, as it is breeding time too.


P1020838 (2)

Migratory bird – Egyptian Geese and geeslings(A Park in Dusseldorf)

Summer days are when people make best use of parks. Picnic lunches are best enjoyed out in those parks under the bright sun



Autumn wind brings down all those ripe leaves. Winter will be at doorsteps in no time.



A beautiful park should be the pride of neighborhood.  We can visit that piece of Nature often. Today, June 5 is environment day. The need to protect and preserve Nature is of great importance than ever before . Recent unexpected natural disasters around the world are warning signs for us to contemplate and correct our approach towards environment. Let us promote green and embrace environment friendly acts for sustainability.